Monday, August 24, 2009

Claz of the day..T-I-R-E-D

Whoaaa..finally claz of the day end..i drooped on my bed for a minute n suddenly remember few silly thing of today..hahaha=)..obviously Dr Tan claz today a bit dull,but still okay..he said we'll do short recap..but what happen was he took the entire period to do the recap..apakah maksud short recap?hahahareal funny la Dr Tan..wif his skinny body n his bald head..really look cute wen he said the word "miu" and turn up to be "miau"..he occasionally change it tho..he's been repeating the purpose of learnin statistic which I think more than 20 times within 2 hour..adeh2..M not late la diz morning I gez its juz I think i missed smth in my room wen i went down diz 8 o' clock.I wonder y everything seem lucky nothing screwed or tertinggal..Claz end early as i had to wait for ma fren dat spent ages inside dat hall..apela she did inside,,-n of course sitting outside texting my best thing ever-..cant beleive i actually sumarizing diz entire thread of story..hahaha..bravo~bravo~Well,I prepared my slides for diz eve claz(if it happen to be ade claz)..I was praying hard xde claz..cuz m the one who'll present..sue Hock Kee y ske buly ak ntok present..interview pn ak jugak..hish3..everytime meeting dey start to look at me beramai2..huwaaaa..y me?
I did studied a lil b4 claz cuz i dun like being stupid in claz(dats me!)..Its PN DAYANG's claz..mmg ak bet she's gonna call my name..its juz a few min she's in she already started calling name..esp me?(h1n1--ha.ha...great now people noe me as h1n1)..den dsebabkan khad i was abused by pn dayang(abused?ganaz la plekkk d word..dats juz literary la)I shud count td how many time she called my name~~ish3 payah sungguh..
Then, ak tlah ngan mengade n bodonye reveal name of theories scholar..ak xingat cne ak leh igat the albert bandura's full name,locke n latham Dayang says..(malunye)
"how come Aisya tau semua"
"Haaaa Aisya say out loud who's the founder of goal theory?"
"Aisya mereka upah awk ntok carik name scholar ke?"
Semestilah TIDAK..i dunno how can i remember..rasenye ak ade terbace kot,dats y S.E.G.A.N siot...but syez m tired a lil..After that i went to buy fuds wif Debbie...(si mulau)..hahahah.jgn mare..

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