Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pendrive n this S.A.D.N.E.S.S.

Assignment y xsiap dbiar xsiap~dats a spell or mantra for me~bwat dah perangai lame ni...come on aisya finish the journal reading..kne hantar diz 27 ryte..n how bout raymers nye report..i have to letak burden on my shoulder..feel my debate team..m so sorry i was stupidly fell sick last week..i reli wanna join the workshop..seriously wanna join tho~i wanna join KDL soon ryte in uitm..hmmm seem like i has to pull myself off..troknye diz sem..start wif disaster..n few thing bwat total cgpa ak 3.++ smthg2..ahhh i have to exceed 3.7..plez la..o.3 more...huwaaa..i wanna 1st class honor...diz sem kinda susah a bit to score cuz byk sgt journal..vicky's class lgla..5 journal y ak dah tmuntah bace n submit..m worried of my team~~statistic plez la move..tnd on progress OB..lily dublin bgla case study cepat..m tga xde benda nk buat...but remember my pendrive m being low again...plez come back to me wahai pndrive ku..i wont buang u away lg..who's using it..i gez this probs not gonna end til i found it..haaaaaaa..spss ak ade lm tuh..n m so dead kne bunuh jac si lab demo y garang itu..cuz haritu dgn selambernye i told her i dun lyke salin note in class wen she ask
jac="bgaimana kamu tahu buat jawapan soalan ini?"
jac="kamu ada salin notakah?"
me="tiada,sy xske salin nota n xpnah salin nota"..
jac="bgusla kamu ini"..obviously she's a Sabaha
.fuh lucky m de only one can solve the question she gave so rasenye xpe kot ak ckp cmtuh..agak time tu xde mood y normal..

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