Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Extension to the call~huh...

I was actually waiting for Debbie Jara to be here at 9.We were suppose to hav discussion on tnd assgent????wher is she btw?hmmm..probably still in the wonderland playin wif bunny n mousies..huhh..tooo much mind's eye man!My mum called AND……………ther goes 1 hour lecture tho today xde lecture..hish3..Its ol bout don’t diz ,dat,those..hahaha—suppose not to be highlighted here—and kindly I told her everything..n ther goes some more..as usual morning gossip wif my mum..noe what she never noe how to gossip wif other people xcept me!hahaha..n I was forcing her to mail me pictures of those fabrics,,(here come more babble on baju raya..)its just the 3rd day of Ramadhan mom!
So many thing y di disscusskn..lol..n my cousin is getting engaged,,n ther goes more n more words inside my ears. But syezly I wanna eat my mum cook now!!(I mean waktu buka nnti)hahaha..huwaaaaaa..
Nizar>>> stil sleeping,mg trok la adik ak sorang tu~~LUCKY I only have one..if ther are 10 of him..ICU..ICU..high blood pressure—baru tgok mke—suddenly m outta credit..hish too much talking la ni..n accidently text zarif..super embarrassing..I felt like soaring over from 3rd floor..malu siottttt..wher did my eye goes?stupid aisya!m gonna blame myself for this entire day..
Damn my stomach start to croack. Singing waking up in Vegas I gez(literary hyperbolic)..Seriously m in the mood of –I dunno what I am—hmmmm..apekah?gilakah?
Btw by the end of this sem I gez I’ll be able to publish my book!Priscilla the great~teen world out…hahaha..but I gez not gonna publish it la…let me finish my milkmaid n gingerman first..huuuu..apakah y aku lakukan..
1st-m talking too much
2nd-m being emoic overloaded
3rd-I was supposed to be an executive not a writer
4th-lately I lost my brain
5th-m so relax(spooky I was supposed to be depress wif studies)
6th-I didn’t abide my rule of this sem(mind map on my table!wher is it I juz got 5 je!pdhal dah Align Centerbpe subject?bpe topic..malas!)

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