Sunday, August 23, 2009

I felt like crying over~~ terseksa~~hbes ol my leg got bruise..i dun remember how many time i knock on smthg hard today..auchhh..wher did my brain gone?lututkah?come on la wake up!!--shake myself hard n kalo bley hantuk kt full of feeling~its 7.40 pantang habis prayer..m a maniac of this blogging thingy now..anything juz refer here..really extreme not gonna go anywher today..damn y la bleh knock on stuff?buta lah mataku inikah?wen my bm stat to be so disastrous embarassing tho cant even spell announcement in bm..seriously shame..haha..btw tmorow class starts and i have to face Dr Tan and his statistic n my PENDRIVE is missing..=,( serious i wanna cry dah...give up gler nk carik,,,but i hav to find journal n article n songs,n poem,n journal diary copied n spss lab nye homework...huwaaaaaaaa..damn aisya screw ur forgetful head tu..plez la remember who's d a last one with dat thingy...depressed nye akuuuuu...n i have i pen n 1 pencil for claz..everything went missing!damn la otak ak nih...plez get real..

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