Sunday, August 23, 2009

I L.O.V.E him(ZARIF HAIQAL) super much~

Confession of the broken heart..=,)..well i gez this is the last post of today..i repeat..last post for T-O-D-A-Y..jerr okay...hehehe..tmoro got class at 8.30 which m so believe m gonna b late..haha..mcm selalu n that's me!
I never thought i'll be in love like this..wen i look at you my heart goes on the trip..(m trying to make this last post being so mushy okay)
I seriously fall in love with someone 3 month ago..wen a sultan met tun teja..wen ah beng met the zaiton..wen senget met the condong..wen bueno met kinder...hmm..i never thought i cud be falling for him this hard,i cant barely able to breath wen he's not around..dats the expression..He's the nicest person i ever nown cuz i noe how i treat boys..n how i treat him..very differently frm others..cuz he's special to me,,
He had melt my icy cold diamond in my head,made me wanna listen to him evey words he ask me to..Really thanked him for being in my life all this while. Thers a big diff between him n the mess makers I met in life~He made me smile at 3 am in the morning..he's wif me while everybody in the house doozing n snoring..he's the caregiver..wen he worried i noe he care..sorry cuz sumtime m being so lame idiot y degil..i made him pissed wif me,,He's my everything that i dun wanna loose in the world..somehow i have too..we hav tooo..
M not gonna ask anymore,m not gonna force anymore..wht is stated is what shud be face...tho how much i love him,how much i miss him i have to bare with everything..
Juz frankly sayin...dat i dunno how i can fall for him n love him this bad..the best someone special ever!him..I love him soooo much!The best thing I ever had n thing dat i dun wanna let go in this lifetime...

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