Sunday, August 23, 2009

Buying wif passion - - - stop the memory L.A.N.E please~

Was it so obvious I looked different?biase je..hmmm..biase y bukan biase..haaaaaaaaaaaaaah..enough aisya,,not this matter again...well,Mimie looked so excited to buy foods for break-fast..ngee,m just following n try to giggles a lil tho cm nk berkedut my face trying to hold on segala mcm forbidden xpression y xharus dkuarkan..i noe dey noe..n good dey dunt ask bout it..We went down 2gether..Mie,Tim,Me and leng2..suddenly came across ckin n bouncin ida as well..ape lg RIOT..RIOT..hahaha..meroyan dtengah jalan n dtengah org nk beli foods..dats so crude n really full of whatever..Ida purposely block laluan us to buy foods,,mmg haloba dat girl...hahaha(adakah diz laugh for real?)--look ida m mengutuking u here!--hahaha...dun laugh if u not willing to laugh bley x..i felt disgust wif myself y try to fake everything..shit aisya dun do this to urself..weird,barbaric,insanity n sooo not me..
Back to the point,(i miss debating)..hmmm we ol went to TAZ cafe biasela..dessert ther..reli nice..compared to other cafe,,i salute diz cafe for its dessert..hehehe..I promise to em not to scream today..I did it..i hav this new lame dork habit which is screaming xtentu pasal..this things happen eversince i watch dat horror movie at tv 3...seriously spooky nasty exaggerate tho..
N now mimie wil sing dat "ibu syaitan song"--dats wat dey called in dat movie...mimie plez dun sing it..m having nitemare bcause of dat..huwaa..super idiot ak rase diriku ini..
Now while m typin diz essay of pmpuan emosi xstable..haha..mimie is cooking mie hoon outside n it really smells good..huuuu..lapaq..haaaa i noe cousin ku y read diz blog sjak pg td n xhenti2 text me saying..........tetttt..rahsia..guys plez laaaa...hahaha..m alive n goin back soon..hehe..esp piq~~xde benda lah piq..ko jgn dgr si nano-nano sengal tu..u guys have to speak eng wif me btw..i dont care!

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