Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why la love P-A-L-S-Y

I tot my love palsy dah end..fuhhh lovesick y xkan end till d day i died..(che wahhh..nang la poyo)..Obviously I miss him..man my love palsy syndrome mmg parah n payah..hahaha..dats y rule num 1..dun let me fallinluv(but i just did..hahah).It cant be help!Love sick,loveflu..segala mcm benda.Huwaaa I miss him badly.Very badly..T.T
Back to the main love palsy issue..why la kn tho u had text him hours ago u still miss him?i hav no ans for this..hish3..lovesick y overloaded..glucose level y xberape nk seimbang dlm brain..n everything went so CHEESY pnuh cholestrol..(u noe wat i mean ryte).Alaa I hav claz at 2 yet m still cuddling on bed,,hahaha..buruk atitude ku ini..but what feels better den being ur ownself..(dun try diz at home..nnti ur mom gonna sue me).
Well i text my cuzzie y nk engaged tu,,she'll be flyin off to overseas soon..at 19th if m not mistaken..kurang 1 cousin diz raya.Wen Syaful had finish his medic Daya plak fly off wat medic..but she oredy hav her degree in biotech..hish..noe wat..the percentage of my family relative y being doctor adlh 30-40% while engineers 50%...y dey love physics soooo much..i wonder!the extras is bussiness thingy like me!hahaha..at least i love this thing~
Wua reli2 in palsy syndrome mood...!!

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