Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What was dat suppose to mean??

Ehem..thanx to my secret inspirational y memperli dgn hebat(nama dirahsiakan)..hahah..shoot i was so starving~~~gone to find some fuds outside for a moment tho..lol..btw..i was actually fell asleep at 10.30..syez tired like hell tadi..=)..now m so hungry...n ravenous..n deperately eating now..yeay!!fuds is my 2nd life..i was lyke thinking of goin home cuz home is heaven of fuds tho...MOMMY!!Okey now i got backache because bwat slides td..man reli killin me,,cuz seem this is the effect of the last massage thingy by mie..once upon a time~btw today breakfast was awesome..hahah..coz ckin here as well n aleng tooo..its juz ida lost smwhere in her lula world(mati ak wen ida on her blog)..cpat sediakan coffin b4 dserang wif dat riot girl y haloba..confirm buka puase y kindda super bising~ckin alone can do dat..hahaha..
Whoaa..i dun c table anymore...so much fuds,,hahahaha..mmg la melampau thap mmbeli dak2 nih..I was eating dgn lajunye n go for shower..rasenye aleng mesti nk sepak ak kuar tingkap cuz asyik askin what time is it now..suddenly everyone laughing n ak lost..ape ni?ape ni?hahaha..sgt lost la...apela dey babble about..i was so in rush..gelakkan me kot..damn i shud hav notice dat!kejam pnye kwan2...
I was super gelabah tp relax..how was dat?adoih..mmg rosak otak again..obviously dgn kelajuan siput..I walked to claz dgn kadar selamat jalan raye..hahahaha..n again!ak kne lg in claz..apehal today is my spotlite day kah?hish!tension je...okay aisya share whts the advantage of EXTERNAL CONSULTANT..darn..tu subject last sem...ingat2la aisya ingatla..aduh..no bias?hahaha..man 10 point strike!nmpaknye my brain still can be use..so i babble for 2 min for dat...vicky y kejam cm pn dayang gak..but pn dayang more!

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