Sunday, August 23, 2009

I reli have to do T.H.I.S what?that is the point..aduh,,so many things la inside my head i cant barely able to dial my home number.."mum can u book a flite ticket for me next week m home"..i end up off the phone tho.Hmmm...hold it rite there..i'm feeling better m i?yes i am..i can do this..(do what?) we have shoulder crying service here?anyone?tammy(obviously xleh berkata2)
I'm tired of decided to follow what shud be done..follow the flow(she's d man movie)..m okay am i?yela kot,,bley jela...m okay i gez..i can do this..okay after diz wat banner depan pintu I CAN DO THIS--note dat this is serious matter..hmmm..reli2 super serious--no laughing aisya plez--hahahhaha(the laugh wen u feel ur heart beating so fast wif no end..lup dup)...row...row row ya the Caribbean island...m soooo happy m I??yelah kot happy..its goin to raya soon..cant wait to belasah chokey n nano y sengal ayam...hmmmm...hahahaha(a laugh wen u feel ur heart scratch a lot)...Btw..i have this new portion of assignment..alamak hai...swing mood ak btol2 jadi weh...gimmme a sec i wanna make a phone call~huhu...m so happy am i? i lost in my own words.....BACK!! I'm glad being me?I'm proud being name aisya..huh..diz wont do...I can do this..aisya u can do this..its okay to tell myself dat way kan3??m feeling better by talking to TAMMY?am i?...its gonna be more to life-staccie oricco-...syez m going back.. need my bed..teddy..cousins..old friend..adehhhh...M sooo tired..what do i live for?

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