Friday, August 28, 2009

M a C-H-A-L-K dat left alone at d empty blackboard

Stuck!Stranded!my brain act hanging smwhere on earth i dunno,tho i told myself so many time not to~1 days past..2 days past..the 3rd day going to past..m just standing on my ground wondering without exact rationale. Subsequently(sounded so formal)....m being a chalk stick,cold n left alone on blackboard dat have empty surface(ther goes the analogy)..reli~~even the duster so far away frm me..its just me and the residue of empty room,just ancient ago left abandon..Well,I cant sum up my total feeling because it seem to be exceed critical points..a very high threshold n not compatible with the status quo,,my brain have riots on its own thought..
Yesterday claz was so stressful,because i have non-stop travel time..n thanx to mdm Dayang for the compliment~i kept dat compliment,tho in busy day still i have space for something but i dunno OTHER..lost in consternation again perhaps,,confuse of i dunno what..n zero explainations for actions..i infer that person methodology failed because no resource stated but theres seem to hav long problem statement..oh my god..what the hell m braggin' ere..i dun wanna talk much,cuz m done wif certain talking n wont brag bout smth stupid here..this is a blog n it cant do anything for me..dats it...

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