Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worst EVENING in my life

Hmmm..I really have no more words to speak, writing is d best way to liberate ur anger whatever rather than u curse(not good for diz holy month).The class start at 2 and end at 5 today..well basically a few min break after Arabic claz before spss lab session. What the hell is going on???dat “pretty” lady flite delay slugs came so “early”(vice versa)..damn its stated in university official timetable lab session starts at 5 and end at 6…huhh..m tired getting angry,,my wrath exceed tremendously bad altitude 9.995 over 10.

Suddenly she gave us task which I dun mind if it’s a 5 sample stuff..but 20 sample n we are the silly damn respondent itself..mmg take time to fill in d bloody hell questionnaire..arggggghhh..tension siot!now I start to feel the strain on my head..n we hav to finish key in tos lining up numbers n words on d spot..damn lab claz is just 1 hour..plus we r not permitted to take the sample questionnaire out frm lab(which is so idiot). I was sitting ther silently n hell focusing to finish it up..n my watch had passed number 6….she hold us ther..man dahla xsahur diz morning(plez jgn merungut aisya)..i have to grumble here..because I haven’t buy any fuds..n obviously I didn’t have any energy stick n any drink in my bag cuz ITS FASTING MONTH!!!!!haaaaaa…screaming hell I wanna go out in my heart very loudly..face wif so many wrinkles cuz m frowning so very extremely bad..

Ahh for the god sake its olready break-fast time n we still in claz..i reli forgot to ask aleng to help me buy the fuds and mimie is in east campus cuz shez havin exam tonite(gud luck!)…n reli start to be in box of pressure..after 9 m sooo freakin no time for myself..n haven’t reli enjoyin fuds..finally at 7 smth3 we’re out..

Writing is my medicine I gez..write what u feel u wanna utter..but u cudnt say it..hmmm..dats it!tonite got assignment date wif Debbie,n gotta study foe mid term diz thurs..so mite be ol my blog thingy gonna be freeze for a while..i need to check on my other assignment whether it still on progress o not..damn I hate CARRY MARK..so I gotta toil for it!huhhhhh…freakin pressure!

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