Sunday, August 23, 2009

Watchin TV wif Leng2~~

Its rainin cats n dogs..npela ak byk sgt idea today..brainy3 dah 3 post sehari..lucky we dun hav limits for daily post in blogspot..if not..mmg screwed..ahhh..memory lane terbukak jgak as i listen to our can i face this btw..enough is enough of this issue..i promise myself not to mention bout this things today..plez can u stop aisya?sure can ryte..huwaaaa...tekanan jiwa y thap petala ke 12..upgrade sket kay..why is mengapa?..what is apa?..literary saraf tunjang ak terkena percikan mercurry lm termometer(since wen ak ade termometer?)bodo nye lahai my brain today..btw..finally m out frm diz room n try to fix my eye duct~mite be seen by leng2 kot..shit bengkak swollen red n of course d eyes of people y baru lepas...hahaha..trus msuk shower nk hilangkan tanda kebodohan selama 1 hour(one thing y ak rarely buat in diz world)..I suppose frm now on dun speak in bahasa melayu wif me,m so over wif that lang(wen balik raye mmg i'll be facing d music frm my mum)--i lost her gemstone pnye kerongsang y dad bought for her frm vietnam kot ke singapore,,adoh lupe sudah..(m such a bad daughter after all)..obviously ak hilangkan byk benda n screwed byk stuff..amat byk stuff y ak screwed,,smoga tuhan memberkati(ade kaitan kah?)Well,if i have to list down diz month pnye disaster mmg byk....god knows for sure(dats ol i can say).
Then m out from shower td tgok leng2 look me really2 weird..but then i went to sidai sehelai baju y dbasuh selama 1 hour..hahaha..rosak2 ak ni..n i went to watch tv with her..hehhe
Agak funny dat movie but m watching wif no soul..gelak y dibuat2..hahaha..betapa kasihannya diriku ini dah xsiuman agaknye..okey2 out for bazaar~~

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