Thursday, August 27, 2009

Busy Week with sacked of almost EVERYTHING

Recently,ol of burden come on me..hav u finish ur report?ur tnd pair work?robert raymers questionnaire?revisions?spss?....busy is a word dat killing every inch of my limb,slept at 4 last nite n end up missed ur sahur meal(great) its practically over~n i gez one more coming..which i cant wait to hear the creepy presentation,,huh..i wonder what it will be..
One more news dat struck my pencrease n ol of gaster juice in my belly,our OD claz will be separate..split again???I DUN WAN!n to the horror..miss vicky share claz with miss Farida(huuuuu,she screwed my hrd last time n gimme A- o B+)xmau her!n one more thing miss vicky said OD mid term was horrible..n m so getting into worried basket..can i get my 3.7?hmmm...with internal probs dat gonna come soon..for the god sake..I'm ready..dats more words..m so outta idea..

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