Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mix Fruit wif Ice Cream Topping

Why la my eyes mengguli again..huh..dala sok ade statistic(damn i hate replacement).No worry monday gonna be absolute HOLIDAY..1st i screwed my mood tonight(blame my fingers y menggatal pointing on notebook n phone)..i deserve dat mark btw(no i dont!!!!!!!!!!!!)..okay forget those lame thing jap~plez..hish
Did i took any caffeine today(obviously nk mati if i took caffeine)?no i dont okay..At this moment m sitting peacefully wif tammy,wishing it can talk n make jokes(huu a lil spooky tho)
I miss my boy badly(he's busy perhaps)..hmm let him be,i dun wanna screwed his time..hope he still remeber me here..btw tmmorow m gonna join leng2 break-fast treat y agak best KOT..hopefully yes. Then on Monday m gonna do MIXFRUIT WIF ICE CREAM TOPPING..i eventually promised to deb,khad,leng2,mie,ckin.tim n ida to make this treat for em..huuu..cant wait to do diz,,my fav ever every fasting month!:))..(sounds m a kitchen freak) but dats d only stuff i can do,desserts n pasta..mmg trok other i can cook soupy thingy as well!not dat bad la knowledge cooking aku wishing for no meticulous mom in law..hahahahahahaha..vunggukz)
Anyway since i cant sleep,so i spent time to continue my novels in making..lalala..n melalaking..daaa~ohhh ckin here..shez gonna sleep ere!wuu hide my handphone b4 she dig everythin again..ngaaa...btw daaa~~~

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