Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Episode 3: Cooking-fever [the tomyam and empty rice cooker]

Think this is the only way that makes me feel like a bit insane and amnesia. “Cooking” I just culdn’t believe it! I went cooking the black pepper beef [1], the seafood tomyam [2], taufu [3], egg-things [4]. Of course no vege!cuz I freaking hate vegetables. I dunno who eat all the crap dat I cooked but the rice cooker was empty : ( somebody takeover the world and eat all the food! Was it dat tasty, I think so..lalala..so the responsible people who finished everything had to go out to buy a dinner. They went back home that afternoon and eat everything. Fhew, that means my cooking wasn’t that bad, its just my lazy cells dominates me. Huahuahua..I’m so not me anymore! I cooked, I did my laundry without somebody screaming at me. I’m so an “ALIEN”. Who am I??Scary tho! The very next day I tried an insane thing, “Fried Black pepper Chicken fillet”

1. All the spices dat u need the most is the black pepper

2. Chicken fillet (that took 30 minutes to clean it using 2 pairs of glove and never stop screaming over the blood!tho it’s a breast part

3. Salt and whatever

4. An egg

5. Flour (the one with spicy flava)

Alright put all the spices on the chicken, shall I said marinate ‘em. Hmm, put some salt so that it taste better. Getcha egg and mix it it with the fillet and those spices earlier. Okay on ur stove and getcha oil hottttt….final stage when ur oil is ready, put it in the flour, please make the flour covered all the fillet and wallah throw it in the frying pan..caution: dun let it black baked crisp. Ish ish ish…

Episode 3 ¾ (flashback): Add Math Tutor

Okay, if its biology, chemistry or even modern math, I can do it. Seriously, those were awesome things but add math. Freaky freaky freaky !

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