Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Episode 4: Malacca Errand (: [Shopping?Whattaya Think]

Sunny day here in Malacca, again I was drowned in epic memory. Remembered in one occasion I fell in Malacca Zoo! Well I ripped my knee precisely. I know I got bad chicken legs when I travel around. The journey of obsevation, of course sneaking eyes into some hot Honda City, Black is so elegant honestly. Alright my first car will definitely be Black! we have "ikan bakar" wow yummy!!!i love today errand :) Okay ppl, whattaya think about SHOPPING? I mean as for some girls its their life and death. Discount and sale season are what driving them mad besides hottie. I'm not a shopaholic reli am not, but I know some of d random facts bout girl and shops. you can tell that I'm not a shopping-maniac that runs insane over shimmering gold cards.
So is it true girls, women are those who shud check-in in mental asylum on festive season. WHY?its sale, UP TO 70% . Tell me, I never had this fantastic insanity on grabbing and groping everything I saw in the Mall. Some people who shops alot usually in that kind of group (miss universe-like-girl). That's funny cuz I'm a girl too. However, to defend my own kind, I have no idea how to doubt the burden of proof "see!its 50% off.omg!!" she, the one who say it is a girl. Oryte I know that shopping waste money but, what kind of definition do u give on word shopping? the measurement that u use in shopping. Shopping, basically does not mean we buy the entire store. I think depend on person definition. We can't possibly say shopping is evil. When someone said shopping we choose to turn 180 degree into negative statement. Its just how a person view "shopping". Whether its a verb meaning evil or anythingelse.
Well, the gender issue must be teken into account. I mean, boys love shopping too, regardless of they are metro, retro or whatever -ro they are. One thing I respect over these dark-side of bad "shopping" term, girls will consider bargaining for less price,boys will go for -no matter how expensive they are-.,thats what i think. I prefer to define shopping as something nice and innocent tho..So, taht's all for today, nites!

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