Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Episode 2 ¾: “Life as a Taxi driver”

Last nite I gotta a town ride wiv my dad, after he finished his stuff in Jalan Duta. It was late 10.45 p.m. Yeah, nothing much changed in KL since I studied there. Except there’s a new neon light on The Mall (did remind me of my youth, was my playground once). I wonder if inside still d same, especially the Bread Story and the ABC thing. Oh yeah, wonder if the Mc Donald still crammed with our high school student when it’s not holiday. We ride pass thru my old classic school (I guess now, it’s not classic anymore, dey got some Netherland influence in building structure, think it was there since before the independent..since dey got sum of money frm the ministry, they renovate the school. Truthfully, I hate d new look of the school, I hope they dun cut down that Autumn tree !) The car moving thru Jalan Tun Razak to Jalan Parliament and I dunno what Jalan anymore there, I wasn’t the type that memorize the road really well. Here we are at Jalan Pantai Bahru. All the shops were closed. Suddenly I saw a Taxi right next to our car. I saw the clock on my car. Its half past 11 already, these Taxis still wondering around getting passenger. I felt a sudden rush in my head, imagine how hard these people working. They dun care what time it was. While other people lying on their Dunlop pillowand Vono mattress these people drive through the entire town getting money to fill their growling tummy. As if they never care on sleeping either. God bless these people. People are whining on how hard their life is, while they still have house to sleep, they still have night for themselves and they still can afford McDonald and KFC for food. These are not “hard”, these are ungrateful people. Those people outthere there are more that homeless, some with kids waiting at home (starving) waiting for their father to bring something home. They couldn’t afford a fried chicken for everyone; they don’t drink coke, just plain water; cold and plain. I did learn smth. We’re on our ride home, seriously sleepy. Nights ;)

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