Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Episode 2 ½: The InterView

We got major probs because we’re there but we cudn’t find the way in. Hilarious wasn’t it. Alright we’re in, what now? The security guard on d counter never heard of the company,how pathetic until I said C-11. Here we go, at level 11. He was so blur and I speak Malay anyway. I said “Victor Group”. Its futile talking to him so I get mysev upther and a chinese man open the door for me. Yes..yes..m the one who got appointment for internship’s interview. Guess what the CEO is actually the one who gonna interview me..okay relax! Remember this is board interview chapter 5 recruitment in human resource planning, recruitment and selection. Chill2! I obviously make some educated look sitting on the chair while waiting Miss Jasmine to call out my name. Ok, I got serious lup-dup in here and to stay calm I went checking my files (SPM certificate, Matric Transcript, Temporary Transcript, National Chemistry Quiz, Innovation Award, Dean Lists Award, Demonstrator for Biz Math..all checked!!!) fhew…okay he called me in, duhhhhhhhhhhh…I said my internship 10 month! What the hell, ok I’m nervous anyway.LOL. it was only 10 week. Funny, I got a lil chat with a CEO like a professional. What the hell m I doing I talk about current issue and my deep interest in development. Whoa!!!I was a HR manager for a second J He said if I were able to revise the duration of intern he’ll hire me as well !how heaven, now I got serious hatred with my university. Unimas we need to talk! Huhu..

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