Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Episode 2:Holiday-shopping

Hye KL, kindda spending my loner time shopping at SOGO just now, erghh I got a fatigue legs :( , tmorrow I got some serious interview, fhew sortta nervous like ALOTSSSSSS !! i wish i still got my luck charm :( if u read ths , TOO BAD CUZ YOU OWEZ BE MY GOOD LUCK CHARM.. btw i got a pair of ELLE shoe. Its extremely hard to make a choice. Plus its raining, jeez walking around like a lone ranger. I'm so tired and so nervous for tmrow occassion. just kill me wiv a dagger please oh please. I see sogo had changed eversince i graduated frm matric, i had no time to
walk around, keep on hanging out at my hometown. Its been a long time. Btw stop the epic things, WHO LOVES TANGLE UP RAPUNZEL????lets watch!!!huhu,,oryte as i promise m gonna post some of my kitchen horrific..haha..btw one last thing~ Hey ppl outther i gotta question, if u miss someone like crazy but u dun wanna say it till d day u die, what shud u do so that he knows??greathumbpin =,<

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JustKeepOnWriting said...

interview pe ni kak?

cant say it? show it.

UglyMaiden said...

intership la dik..hoho

UglyMaiden said...

u'll get tired showing cuz the person dun wanna try to see..
asking for it as if they didnt see complex :)