Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 1: Holiday

Its holiday everyone (fer a malaysian student like me its heaven). I havent got any 4 weeks holiday eversince my second year. It was obviously torturing me. i went half frenzy treating my mom kitchen, woaaa,, i dunno what had gone into my mind because for the past few hours i just thinking about cooking :) Unfortunately my bluetooth seemed not workin now so i gotta postpone my activities report in diz bloggie :) i made an awesome pudding, fruttie and i sneak into my refrigerator to find a nice cold choco Walls icecream. I dip my spoon over it of course. The pudding taste good, not bad for a beginner , i noe the presentation was bad because I got some serious probs on cutting it, my lil bro runaway wiv the whole thing because it taste good (pffftttt perasan sudehh)..then..i made carbonara wiv peas and basil sprinkle..:)) this is my favs, so far dats all my stuff, we need to keep busy..HOWEVER!!!the best thing is my daddy bought like 3 dozen of novels..the 38 buck novel each..and m gonna snap my pics wiv all of sufficient for my entire holiday i guess..seriously 3 dozens, i merely suffocate frm excitement urgency..I love the holiday this time . I have a great time on my own, wiv my lil bro and everyone at home. I just love the holiday!Yeay..tho m kindda .... but nvr mind that's not taken into account,just get mysev happy oryte, u too people, be happy outthere :)

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