Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dream Phone

Omg talking bout new item!!I immediately fallinluv wiv diz "thing". I was on a walk few days ago wiv my girls. Since my rommie get her adapter burnt so we went to some computer shops. Well, she really need a new adapter! Imagine I was in d room and tada!!! I was nearly get electric shock cuz her adapter smells like a burning underwear! So, we went there, walking around, wen I stopped on a mobile shop I saw "HIM". *him -name after my handsome samsung fon! He was so adorable!!!Landing flat under dat glass thingy next to iphone 4. Jeez, I reli wanna diz thing. D feature mite be similar to iphone but samsung got extra hottttttt temptation over me. Samsung defintely win over iphone. "Wicked"..My dream phone. Samsung galaxy S..too bad, its 2k.. T_T..

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