Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smile until my muscles cracked

I cud have smile until my cells & muscles cracked :). Saranghae! je taime! aishiteru! teamo! ik houd va uh! I was totally forgot bout d horrific thud dat happen in my block yesterday (d exorcism). Because of you because only you can melt my hair & bone marrow (seriously high sugar level). Hear you breathing feels like you're talking 72 hours, diz! trigger my gaiety cells and all d existing neurons. I got an overload vasopresin hormones (CLEO,2010). Awful isn't it :) If the 2 am stays ther and let me juz holding on over diz Vasopresin attack! I will sing for lifetime if I hav to....Asleep wiv smiling faces :D (so much for diz

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