Monday, November 22, 2010

The American Slang. I'm jitterbugging now.

The American slang 4 inch thick I found in my university library :) 5 words per day keeps ur head insane straightaway :D
1. Lookie-loo - customers who enjoys looking at d merchandise but has no intention to buy it..erghhh..lemme rephrase..its window shopping..duhhh
2. Jive-ass - insincere and unreliable person..
3.Nertz! -expression of frustrations..its kindda dialect for NUTS..
4. Let it lay - forget about it!
5. Shuck - smth nonsense and lil worth ( ohhh whatta shuck!)
Its kindda awesome reading diz book, btw i can tell 97% were ol talking dirty and sex thing. I noe more den enav bout dirty things..hoho..Be back wiv more lunatic

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