Thursday, November 25, 2010


If u listen to me talk to me. If u sense my feels please dun let it burn. Occasionally trying some cognition with tammy. This thing really stiff and mute. Talk to me, anyone just talk, talk anything dat can make me sleep with smile, talk about something dat u really want to talk about. Just keep talking and I'll do d listening. Anyone? *pufffff.... no sound..just d air around me trying to say smth that i cudnt digest in my brain. What is it wind? Does d news dat bad until u have to blow everything around? Poor d flying papers, poor the hands that pick it up ): I just wanna listen when people. Okay
1. In total depress
2. Please my head is so miserable
3. What is it with today?

I cant figure it out what the hell is wrong. I noe its funeralmood

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