Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Rid Of It. Shit.

I dunno how to start with, but those just so annoying!Cmon, m not in a mood of being nice so I won't. Stop being like a childish while you're all grown up. People might think in a different way, dats it, anymore annoying post m gonna block diz person (in a sense u better stop contaminating my socialization site)..damn it. I got emotional issue, so back off. If u noe you're XY gene. That sounds pretty harsh but really, its rather insane!!! I don't wanna be nice to anyone okay! I had enough with everything. I'm now in transition phase. Didn't I told u everyone I'm not interested in XY gene.. wats wiv ur head anyway!! I don't wanna people start making story because of ur lumpish, moron attitude. I'm on my own!!! if u're such an old mate behave like one, say hi and get rid of me. There's no need of being idiot on my matters. Right now!!!!okay right now I'm telling the world, I dont need pet name cuz I'm all grown up!!!and I wont be giving names to anyone either.So please, I'm 21 years old. Old enav to think, things dat I dun like, I need tell right on d nose dat i dun like things dat unnecessary. I don't need stupidity. I feel disgusted!!! Man, seriously!!!Urghhhhhhh!!!Respect my friends and my family who in d same socialization sites. Even my Ex-bf never done such thing ever. You're no match for me for such idiot jokes. I am 21 !!!!not 5 years old!!!Once I told u I dun like it means I dun like it. I always told d things dat I dun like once, telling twice makes me look like a s&^%!!Big remorse!!!!!I am not d old Aisya. Not anymore!

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