Thursday, November 11, 2010

Never giveup in life

Oh yes, morning! as usual get up wif a cup of nescaffe and get rid of diz lazy cells. Currently m sitting in a frozen building so called, CAIS. * can't even pronounce d full name of it, basically its a "library". Pffft of course, who wouldn't noe a library. I've been staying like zombie for 24 hours. Congratulations, this is one of d academic item. I'm so tired & sleepy. But then, just chill alright. Lucky no more post in my facebook dat I feel like barfing frm distance and pull my hair til I go bald. Seriously..burghhh.. gonna block dat person or remove frm friend list if dat person kindly bother me again wiv such lunatic whatever.. I was juz on a rare thinking. I mean like, I wanna be matured and decide d things dat I suppose to do and don't. Keep on reading people, you'll get what I'm trying to say. Maybe I was dat 17 years old girl, but dat was years ago. I'm all grown up and in university even. I am totally on a different plane now. So, here I am. I got plan for future, I got massive desire on things dat I like to do. I wanna be somebody dat I cud proud being one in d future. I wanna smile in my late 50s wen i think about what have I done in my life. I don't mind d bitter part cuz those teach me some big deal. You people outthere shud do d same too. For diz entire week I think I found what I really wanted do. I really wanna keep telling people how proud I am being my own self. Vices, flaws its just a matter of perspective. Never give up in life :) !! If u happy just let it all out, if u wanna cry just cry as much as you want and wipe it all off and smile to d world. We've travel diz far in diz life continent, so, get full use of it. Cheers. Till d next post,, I gotta cont my notes :D

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