Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Alright, lets start chewing d fats..It was my very first time going back late frm library. I'm not a grade-grubber okay, went ther to online and finish notes. I can cheers for my last paper diz coming thursday and my plane on d next day :) Quite awful as I'm d only human exist in dat bus-stop and shucks, its dark. I got some serious night blind esp, for right sight. Vision 1020 i guess or even worst. Funny thing, I was glaring at these 2 i dunno what gender r ther, u see trying very hard to do some mental representation in my head. Screw d stingy uni lights. I can't see. Seriously, the bus stop had me apple-up! Chuck d bus comin so late dat I coud not stand d creepy-ness in d air. 1st, its quite isolated, 2nd its dark, 3rd no one ther except me..I started to thik d pitch I shud use to scream hell if anyone or "anything" unpleasant crush over me.."I'm cooked". The bus came 30 minutes after I freak out, for d godsake please be punctual,,jeez these people..d bussie who drive like a funeral car.. :<..my spec went missing, i had to use d old one which totally browned me off..the degree is not equal, dat old rubbish..btw, m being bubble-brain yesterday over sum "Dell" thing.(if u ppl notice d inverted coma, its more den just a noun) Mad-mug session, u see..m getting insane i guess, haha,,oryte forget bout dat lil gossiping, gotta go for real education adventure !

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