Sunday, November 21, 2010

Retarded !!

You guys ever come across d word "stupid retarded" ryte. Oryte, five minutes ago I'm here to get rid of my scattered brain. Expecting silence so dat I can meditate until i feel like my eyeball is going off. However, the 5 minutes was over and now i feel like i wanna eat people ALIVE. For the god sake i ever come across d word stupid retarded, but i nvr come across d one who posess such lunatic trait. How unfortunate he lives in d world of idiocy and pathetic. I was here to study and of course checkin out sum business around my site. This guy, i dun even noe who d bloody hell he is, and he is so fucking idiot. Lemme spell d word I D I O T...gosh,he was playing his music player as if this library is his room. You bodoh ka apa?You sik tauk ka diz is library?You buta ka org mok study?You sik tauk baca peraturan library ka? Erghhhh...m so annoyed. Now changing my place..dahla on lagu malay merepek. Gotta be smth wrong dgn otak dia..eeeeee...ade jugak org cmtu kt dunia ni!affecting others as if u own diz world..cmon la , get a value.

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