Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My HORRIFIC Experience

Do you believe wiv the unseen? Have you ever experience one? Chill run down my spine wen it comes to diz unseen. Not a great topic to start with but to learn about it is smth important. The unseen is everywhere, wher we share d living with. I wasn't as serious if I never heard one. "Exorcism" I was wondering how do you treat diz vocab~ Things that happen yesterday was a climax of a horrific zap! Ther'z been an exorcism next to my apartment. That was d first time I ever heard such ghostly conversation of a demon. I was ther on d balcony wiv my rommie witnessed d scary part (we end up closing all d windows because a holy teacher come over to get rid of d thing). I tell you what, dats d most frightful 24 hour for me & us. Before diz I was watching sum movies on TV (the fame emily rose). Seriously having d hard time went to bed especially wen I kept having diz delusions of d demon sound! That thing act request 5 things as a term for it to leave the host (poor dat girl tho). I can't handle listening to the 5 conditions. I cud only bare until d 3rd request which makes me wanna collapse and dun wanna get up until next week. The 3rd request was d most most most insane. (like on tv tho) Swear to god I heard d girl screamed everytime d holy teacher recites the holy quran. Oh my gosh!kill me wen d demon said dey eat raw egg and they came frm such distance!!!and and and "it" came wiv lots of friends...scary tho ( oh my eyes watery!!!) I'm not being superstitious but really me & my rommie was scared hell out of d thing. (we went back early after dinner yesterday & recites sum holy quran).

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