Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yeay to the world

I was google-ing this................ >>>>>>>>>>>

Since I was so obsessed wiv Tulips I kindda have loads of tulip's bouquet collections. I feel awesome everytime I gaze on these fantastic flowers. Omg can't wait fer tulips sale next year i supposed. Ahhh, its still way along day to go..I remember d last time dey had JJ, Mid, KLCC..gosh i was there buying one piece of it..1st its fer mother's day apparently i was too greedy mysev..weeee..I feel relieved now cuz i dun have to feel d bipolar sickness in my head. I have 2 more paper to go before flyin back!I wanna do evrything! Every single thing dat i missed doing it wen I was on that long jet plane going nowher..:) Yeay to d world !

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