Thursday, November 25, 2010

Until the very end. She still LOVE him.

Closed my eyes, breath as deep as I can, exhale slowly and chant a word "i'm okay". Thats quite a good tips. There's a friend of mine, she loves diz man so much, as much as she couldn't explain herself. Whatever she did, she only envisage him. She look as gay as I cud be now, but, she's like d girl in d song brick by boring brick (paramore). The clock strike 12 and everything she love went away, like ashes. She did things just to make herself not feeling peculiar, just wanna comfort her own heart. (In another word, she lied to herself bout being happy). She tot she was there and he will hold her hand whenever troubles coming, she tot he will get thru everything together with her. She was wrong because, the clock had strike 12 and like evry fairytale, the prince has to leave so she has to wait. She wait and wait until d clock went rusty, her feeling for him will never change. She cried and cried, like d tears almost turn to blood. One day the man dat she loves came and said, stop loving me. But the man does not understand how much she loves him. How much every single day she thinks about him. How much she wants to be beside him. The man doesn't understand, the man leave her. There she was, until now, her love is still for him. The hardest part she learn in love is, its hard to make people understand how much we love them. That's all for today. Wish me luck for exam tmrow :(

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