Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LoveHate 2010

Packing time! tho tmrowI got one last nuisance paper. Well i saw tons of grizzles over d subject tmrow, here tips friends, dun gettcha self miserable, then only u can understand. I've cleaned my closet with d widest smile ever ! :] No one has to remind me anything cuz I always remember, prepare things early ;] yes! going back ! take a bow everyone, diz semester is almost over, here come d final semester ! New Year is on its way, m gonna be as gay as ever. Close the year book and it's time to open a new page ! 2011 ! m just so excited over it. Feel good after such long time leaving this blog, back to the root..its just minus some curse words,,huhu. LOVEHATE 2010 ! I'm just living my life to d fullest :)

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