Saturday, November 20, 2010

Education Exorcism

Yeah, its been a while, I was running d errand for Eid's Adha. Finally, sigh of relieved! I already get rid of those FYP..yeay! now praying time (plez A plez plez)..Since it quite sometime, i dunno what to brag here, jeez afew minutes ago all were here in my m clueless, Oh yeah i got 6 days to go before flying back home :) cheers..(talking bout loosing my decipher m getting annoyed)..cmon ppl diz is library not starbuck..jeez..btw i sit in a small piece table in diz library..while ppl enjoying weekend i hav to stuck here :,( reading!! hmm..never mind then, oh man diz couple next to me, can dey slow down..why not just using microphone? if u guys really want me to listen to ur wishy washy discussion..erghh..whatever ppl, how unfortunate..i lost my spec, my earphone dysfunction! life is so hard anyway!till den, wen i got some hot issues to talk about..daa~

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