Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm Sucks

Good Morning!have u ever feel like been swept away by cyclone and you tried to turn ur world around but nothing changed. This is rather insanity of personal, apparently..For the past few days I've been in total misery with excluded reason in writing. I was on a little mission to study human behaviour and selfishness. Hence, I ended up leaking alot of points and I had no idea how to figure it out everything. I'd rather come out with very clumsy conclusion which is human are all selfish. However, I was wrong when the day somebody advise me wisely and I shud thanked him for opening my eyes for every invisible sights. I was seeing with emotion not my wise brain. I was obviously a total bitch keep on raging around my reckless temper. I really hate my temper (always hating it). Special thanks for reminding me my current irrational state. Ths person is really special that he makes me realize everything around me is functioning. Something that I always abandon whenever I got some serious miserable thinking. Honestly I'm sucks in personal god knows how. I'm glad I still known someone in the world that makes me become wise. I'd like to become someone who will put a thought before actions. I dun wanna make severe decisions dat can destroy my credibility as a human being and future HR. However, my head is still down under extreme misery. I have such lumpish attitude, once u break in u need to keep on walking until u found smth that u need to find.

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