Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Across The Globe Hallucination

Too much inspiration can caused an excessive mental stream. This is what I'm afraid of, the "holy shit" ideas gonna keep on coming destroying my brain for the rest of the day. Happy Wednesday, guess I'm gonna be a permanent residence here in this blog. This used to feel like home (I mean a medium to whine). Just to share with those who are not living here (rotting here specifically for me), its blazing hot these few days and currrently praying for a drop of rain (trust me it wont be a drop when it does). Last week was my horrific experience of thunder storms and flash floods here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. To be exact I have no idea people keep on developing and building some shitty sky-scrapper but so sucks at maintaining  the tunnels and drains. Please, wasn't it gonna cost more when the damage is done. What a weird move!

Anyhow, today's delusional thoughts and hallucination still haunting me even when I'm wide awake. What is this hassle call brain? I think I saw someone or the one that got away. The person that claim he is in UK one year ago and watches over me even when he's away hundred miles away and even in different time zone. I wonder where all those nice thing disappear. I think I saw the doopleganger regardless of my fucking dream last night. These few days my brain activity seemed distorted. I remember something that I wasn't suppose to remember. I wanna feel something that I've already lost long time ago. I'm start hoping for something hopeless. Yes, heart and brain because what makes you different makes you beautiful (i've been listening to this crap). Playing sophomore song list really dont help at all. Screw what ever demon that goes iside my head bringing back this scary films and swear to god its killing every ounce of my cell. I think I have depression and now shud I visit psychiatrist ???

I hope the day end soon, and well despite of having piano class today. I can't wait to work on my project. I called it LH07 hahaha!

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