Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stupid Housemates

I have no idea whether to be pissed or ripped their head off. This is the dilemma of living under the roof with strangers that has minimal common sense. I really need to move out from this house seriously. I'm okay paying extra penny for a better room with no brainless people walking around like a complete idiot ruining people's day. Frankly I hate when my schedule is disrupted by these moron. Pardon me to call then morons. You see I have a sequence of crazy people living with me. The first housemates were sluts! they slept with 2 guys in one room, I have an incident where I saw this guy shirtless at our living room, cmon this is not a prostitutes house, find a house where other people don't stay together then you can bring dozens of guys, I have to be in my long pants all the time just to be cautious! I call them the sluts…Here come the second people who replace them after they were chased out by our owner because we complain about the indolent manner of these girls! (Show some respect people!!) Okay the second people are not as worth changing, theres this one vitamin botox girl (she claimed she had an injection and that makes her fat, whatever). This girl is a figgin disgusting person, so not hygienic and always always take others food before even asking the owners. My other housemate reported their groceries gone when the come back to cook afterwork. Such a brainless person, imagine if the food that she took is the last thing that the owner had and because of that the owner have to starve. They just have bad demeanour in cleaning and tidying the house! You expect me to clean up your mess, please fucking dream on because I barely make a mess. This person has been using and eating people's foods extensively! (she won't dare to take mine because I will buy foods that she never eat in her life, if she dare, she just don't even know me and what I'm capable of, i might make her pay for it because most of the stuff i bought, the price is no joke). She is a food thief and funny things she keep on cooking and I'm certain those things aren't hers (shameless moron). Here come the third person after the second one left, (maybe the moronic thief give up after her intern company bankrupt). The third person is as moronic as her, because she go and soaked her laundry as if she bought the entire machine. 

And today I'm really in extreme rage because the dummy soaked her clothes without even bother to wash it. This behaviour is for people who hardly to educate themselves with human norms. They are what I regard as stupid and do not have a slights common sense in their brain. I bet their neurone explodes each time they are trying to think about the right things. I'm sleepy now but these moron still haven't wash their clothes, i feel like setting the machine on fire. To dummies out here please stop being dummy because your dumbness make me feel like dumbly hitting you with chairs till you bleed out your moronity! Sucker! please wash your clothes faster!!!!!

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