Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Terrorism is sick and barbaric!

I came across CNN news with headlines, "Does Muslims Really Hates Terrorism". This might be the issue that genuinely hits all Muslims all over the world with one bad black mark on them after September 11. That marks the changes of everything, all the harmony life we had a citizen of earth. We couldn’t event cite how does it starts and why does it happen. Was it really a bunch of people trying to retaliate or its just a conspiracy. Nobody can answer that with a long line full of justice if we were to speak on world podium today.

Speaking on behalf of my true self and perhaps other people that have the same thought as me, I would said that we really hates terrorism. I don’t care if people would like to bash me up with says I’m looking down on jihad. Apologies for my unpleasant point of view but these people has been misleading the true sense of jihad. You see, jihad isn’t about revenge; jihad is about protecting the dignity of our religion. By doing this barbaric terrorism, the world has mostly changed the point of view about the religion. We are regarded as terrorist and Muslim has been put in a corner of the world where there’s big label saying we’re terrorist. Trust me, we are not like that, the true Muslim will never have this weird sense of jihad. I bet they don’t even know what jihad really means.

This is because one, there is no clause says we need to blow ourselves with grenade to retaliate against enemy ) hell no because the religion teaches that the real enemy that you need to fight is your inner self. I may not an expert but I tried to pick-up what is right and what is wrong. These people are just insane, they are killing innocent people, these are the short-minded folks I could say (they are sick psychopath). Who the hell they sacrifice for if in the end they died because they blow themselves and they killed innocent people. Is this jihad??!! Hell no people I ain’t give a shhhh on this because this is not jihad. Its massive massacre, and the worst you just commit suicide. What even more worst you have caused Muslims all over the world to face the consequences. So what are those bombing for? I bet they don’t even think before planning to plant the bomb.

I just see day after day they become even more sick and obsessed with bombing attack. I know they believe in an eye for an eye but seriously if its just making it worst and difficult, don’t you think you are on a wrong track. Yes some people may have killed our brothers and sisters but revenge, please come to your senses because our religion never teach us to kill for revenge. These bunch of people are those who make others suffers for their weird propaganda. Just like my nation politics, its just getting weird and odd day by day. They fight for their nonsense believe, kicked people from throne using the most dirtiest causes they capable off.

What an emotional Tuesday, I just think Labor day should be a week off!

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