Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Going Away

Today is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, which I wonder for the dozen-th time why does it have to be wordless. Being as a mid of week I bet its a tough job that people will be in between I hate Wednesday, god god its already Wednesday or even OMG its just Wednesday. Its call living with expectations. Even the days revolves with expectation. How can I not to concerns much if non living things gets that much of expectations, what could have it be for a human. Living into one is always the hardest because we could not achieve all of them. To be fair we have to fail around before we could get there. All you got to do is be strong, stay tough and cruise it with no fears because eventually you will get there.

Speaking of getting there, I'm currently trying to pursue government sponsorship from XX country to work there and most probably live there. My timeline doesn't give me much time so I give myself 5-7 years and thats it. Should be enough because we always have alot of things in our plan and that doesn't mean all come clean and we can swipe it in one shot. So pick this one over everything! If people wonder about my timing to settle down, they can bloody piss off with their thoughts because I dont have any plan of building a family. That's way a long journey for me because from now on before I could start anything I will question why how what! Nowadays everything sounds easy that it done.

Chio see you soon

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