Monday, April 15, 2013

New Cover, Horrible Saturday, Monday Ended

I had a horrible Saturday ever! (well most of my saturdays start out sucks anyway). I've got myself an L license now and currently been working on P. Horrible experience ever in my education life! I've never had a moment that I'm scared the shit out of me just because of some learning process. I'm risking my life driving a car for the first time. It was fun speeding but no fun bearing the numbness on your feet (screw those accelerator break & clutch damnit). It was all fine in the morning, I did my parking smoothly and the slopes was alright, anyhow I was born harsh and rash. How am I suppose to pull the gear gracefully?!! tell me?!! Well thats fine not until the part where a teacher I dont bother to care who the figgin shit he is but he shouted at me. Thinking I was going to turn at the parking spot. Seriously I have common sense, what kind of asshole will turn at the side by side parallel parking. Hello my IQ is obviously higher than you uncle~ people are so insensible these days. He screamed for the fun of it, the fuck he thinks. I seriously have some major anger management issue so be it!

Moving on! I have a new hobby of doing cover for people's song ( a cover is not a plagiarism isn't??) Anyway if you care to view my pathetic hobby here's the link [] ;) Just apart of my useless life, I wasted every 30 minutes screaming on other people songs. Actually been working on my own songs. I dont mean to make it commercial but I just wanna create something on my own, the way I express myself through songs. Some stuff are are to express in writings or even conversation. Maybe songs will work!

Anyhow, Monday gonna end soon, for me my day ended after 5.30 pm on weekdays C=

See you tommorow cheerios!

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