Thursday, April 4, 2013

The life, longer than your breath

Hey peeps, its been a while, it shows I'm enjoying my life. A reminder to everyone, you have right to yourself, don't listen to others opinion. Another reminder is mind your business in your ass. You live the life, you know the hell is going on. My notes, just hold it right there if you wish to further reprobate my demenor.

Seriously, nowadays, people are so laughable especially the way they preach good deeds (I know when I need to repent myself). Those wannabes that growing in the society is so sickening. These days it becomes a viral trends and they are like patogens coming out from pores. Fine, if I have to forget the historical event but I believe each of us made a mistake. Each one of us has grown up and wake up the next day everything that you plan is just obsolete and its a beginning of a new start, regardless of how bad it can be. And who are you to know what others are struggling to fight in their life. Who even give you rights to judge when the whole world are moving in the axis where justice is never right today. I'm not being an ass but the world make me. I have lived through every bitter things that I'm sick of sreaming about it in my head. So please, anybody who wish to project their preach on me, I'm sorry you're just putting a fifth wheel on me.

I'm very frank in these kind of things because if you weak people will stab you, step on you trample you and throw you like a piece of dirt. You can veil your dark shades but I know your true color. If you have done it once there's no way you will do it twice. I don't believe innocent face, preaching good, that is a garbage if people will want to buy. I have stories written somewhere for me by my creator. I am this person. I love my haircuts, I love loud music and dance, I love whatever that you hates. So suck it up.


mell said...

agreed. some people are so judgemental these days... ;)

AshLisbeth Blomkovist said...

yeah...wonderin was there so much fun judging huhu