Thursday, April 11, 2013

I mean it because im mean

Imaginations brings you out of your life, make you achieve your dreams and make you creative. Well that is just an exordium of my post. Tell me in 5 words, oh no make it 3 words, how to live a happy life. Seriously if you yourself look troubled and keep on trying to preach the whatsoever because I just wanna divulge from todays onwards (reminder) that all of you had caused me to be this rebellious woman.
People are wondering the hell had gone into her (me). Call me disgrace (maybe) call me bad. Because "some" people just dont realize they may have caused me to be this dark person. Swear to go I'm scared of myself because I cant estimate or even anticipate what im capable of. Before I learn to speak my language now, it was so bad in the past that it keeps on rolling in my head. Accumulating anger, bottling up wrath and dozens of sheer piece of madness streaming in my vein. Until the point I do not know myself anymore. Blame who? (just please dont make me laugh over this trivia questions)

Blame the preachers, blame the people that coming sickly from the pores. Thank you for their wrong approach and thanks for their ferocious comments  I manage to become a person like me ! Please enough showing off the kindness to world, stop trying just please. I will not digest anything shallow because for now my thoughts is based on my believe. I believe for what I believe it is..You may hate me I'm receiving the hates with my open arms, I may have corrupted my mind and I dont wanna look back. That typical preach, that super typical sensitivity and extremely typical opinions. I can't breathe in that very shallow oxygen circle. Round applause the shows over, please go back to your swamp (i mean it because i am mean)

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