Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm warning you

This has been the most emotional blog that contains explicit thoughts right from my neurons. I may have been the most non-forgetful person on earth when it comes to past events. People, day after day I just can't say sorry anymore. I may have reciprocate synonims with antonyms that resulting error in vocabulary. Pardon me if you said "move on and forget the past"..well well well speaking of moving on. I am moving on and this is the price I'm having because of those dozens and hundred millions of odd conditions. How can you forget the past you asshole, seriously, it is something that destroy you inside out and you said everybody and everyone on earth should forget it. Its like getting North Korea to forget South and move on (will it work?).

Let  me brew your goldfish brain, I cant be moved. Nothing will move me on because my thoughts and wrath is still there. I'm warning you!

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