Friday, May 10, 2013

The Ugly Aftermath of Election

Waddup peeps, I'd like to bring you to the darkest moment of Malaysia General Election 2013. It has ended yet the noise keep coming from the back of the nation if fact its urging that something has be done. I may have not been the right candidate with crazy manifesto (which in the end have the ambiguity of settling down with policies). I'm just an ordinary citizen who voted for the first time, indeed hoping for a better nation! The legacy of 56 years still holding this so called democratic country. How democratic are we?

After my first voting, I was happy to do my job as a citizen, but its just sad when I keep on seeing people trampling on each others, spreading false rumors in social media site. I just ashamed of the uncivilized behavior that heighten up the race issue. These what I called barbarians! Sadly most of them are educated but behaving like Paleolithic people. Seriously, I dont ask for all this crappy drama after the general election where people protesting on streets like mad. Whoever planning on doing so please shame on you democratic people. We look like a clown outthere where other nations looking how pathetic our behavior is. Some may have lost their mind by thinking riot is the last chance. Kiss my ass because the leaders already advise us to calm down and they will settle it at their level. Some fanatic moron as if they being killed and raped go violently provoking people. Serious shit man, I have no time of using nice words, these people dont even think about better future, yes you wanna change to happen but please change your pathetic self first.Causing so much hassle, behaving like kids that dropped their ice cream at the playground.

I care about my country and if i dont i wont be voting on the first place but the aftermath is just too dramatic. Nobody wants to get over it. Just take care the portion that everybody gets, just don't get to steamy asking for help from the world as if a Uranium just dropped in our country. People act people judge you can do so I dont mind but please I want to live in a world where news stop blabbering crap and nations become a mess.

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