Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shades of past

This is the most glorious day in my life, perhaps because I was released from the biggest questions that hits me on the forehead everytime it crosses my mind. Hence, I felt like the heaviest burden has gone and I might have move on to live a better life. That was the ass years back then and yes I know and I hope people know expectations and acceptance is varied across human being. We can't say really whether a person should get over something but I think its the time we move on and leave the darkest hour. I might or might not lend my forgiveness but the way it navigates my life makes me like a mad person. It has been so many years when it happen yet its so hard to forget every single thing maybe now or never. I decided to move out from the shades of my past and move forward because its not worth it and you have gotten all the answers. So be it :)

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