Friday, June 14, 2013

A One Dumb Girl

It was never easy to earn trust if it wasn't for me maybe its for you people. I had lost the meaning of trust when everyone starts to back-stab each other. It was sickening and the as a matter of facts girls make a good champions of this. I dont noe whether some ppl just too dumb to think or too typical that their brains are constrained by lame thoughts that make things easy become complex. Everybody will have this one stupid friend who never use his/her brain to think im sure you've met one of this kind at least once in your life. They claimed themselves open minded but the amount of time they spent worshipping to typicality just make it sounds wrong. Its like I dont mind drinking coke but at the same time I hate coke, people said coke contains yada yada~ what is this twisted brain? Im sorry but I just hate typical malay people who has certain lame scheme. Cmon this is 21st century! You being lame is not my department because my department is fun! I dont dress up like an old grandma to be called matured oh come on that was the most idiotic moment I ever encounter and please dont make it that you're up to date when you look like crap whose trying to prove "nothing". These typical ppl are ppl who trust those cheapo sales about skincare, oh yeahh eat more whatsoever but getting a skin beautifying injection?! That was stupid and very much stupid I must say. But I hate the grandma clothing the most! Hahaha so lame sorry to say but yeah I'm becoming mean. Well then this is about an ex-friend. And also I forgot the part about she own a wrecko car and keep on blaming people for screwing it. Duhhh obviously your car already a lemon why do I even make friend with stupid people. Yeah I'm racist of my own race because they are incapable of making themselves defendable. And not the part of dumb travelling experience with her. I dun even wanna car-pooling with her to airport and what was I getting ? To be her slaves, oh ya getting me to throw rubbish in her car. Another thing that I hate, you moron make your own trash and throw it yourself dumb ass. I wonder how she learnt her stupidity, I'm impresed that she should get a PhD! So long ass I wont be seeing you ever again!

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