Friday, May 10, 2013

Deterioration of Projects

What could be more depressing than having a false hope. In the end its just hopeless! Well this certainly has nothing to do with relationship (get off relationship seekers). Its about the projects I've been working on. Plus the hormonal changes in my body radiates into this emotional behavior. Disappointing and frustrating but I shouldn't bother because the hardwork was not on me. Anyhow, it stirs me a little and of course trust a few. This had been the most unpredictable week of the month. It severed my motivation and thrown me at the lowest point of my subject of interest. I have certainly no idea how to shoot up my adrenaline back in track because for the past few weeks it has been playing roller coaster with me. Well then project can be unpredictable and sales can be pretty uncertain. With the general election and the fears of investors maybe my projects faced deterioration. Haih

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