Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm just human and everyone knows that

Welcome to hell, pls check how many days you need to spend here. Oh yeah 365 times forever. Thanks enjoy being baked crisp! Big issues? Big stuff? Yeah got problem with me or you would like to join this honorable life with me? I never asked this life anyway and i dont have right to complain too actually. Well things wont always turn up right screw horoscope cuz its a lie. Nothing can take over god destiny. Things change, pattern change. I changed frm somebody who stray from love, get to know them and hate them. I changed from a person who dont know right to care, being someone who care to someone ignorant. I tremendously changed from someone who knows when stress come there's always a good way to get rid of it, into someone who rather run away frm problems and twist it to unhealthy way. This is Life, to be precise my Life! Not all stuff in your head can be shared. I dont really like to brag bout my personal problem either cuz right now i only value fun in life! I know being a girl, a daughter, a friend, a foe and a lover at the same time is typically HARD. Unless you know what heaven had  planned for you. No one..nobody in this world should play god. Only my Almighty can do such impossible to me but not an ordinary human being. Now, i mean right now itself I started to have sense of disbelieve on things called love. If married ppl can get divorced whats the meaning of love? Whats the point of having a bf, a fiance and a wedding just to get divorced in the end. Love is such a waste perhaps if that what it taught me. Don't blame me if my memory held me to move on..because you just reminded me to it. If its just the same thing i consider it a waste and im not sorry to push you out. Im just human and everyone knows that..

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