Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just a school of thought

Salut! Great wishes from the owner of this parcel. Anyway, knowing that im on a bullet train instead of ktm so time flies really fast that I dont even know im getting a +1 for my age. (envisage grey hairs and all the aunties behavior) well being 23 i know age is just number but we dont live forever :) Well this month im pretty much in a transition. Moving to a new job is not easy because we have to start all over again to know each other. For me just pace forward and see what god has planned for you. I know its kinda weird for me being nice in this blog. As for today my mitochondria is running low. Basically im having a low atp in this body (pointing at myself). Things doesnt seem to change but i think i changed. Still no worry im still that insensitive person when you poke me. I hate to be poked for nothing. This will lead to topic of the day ( all atp suddenly clogged in brain) "what makes it different" well what make u me we us different? No this time is not about us. Its about how u manage expectation when u noe u need to avoid "what makes a difference". Frustrating of course..everyone shud at least have system to manage other. Speaking about system i nvr (of course) meant mechines. I try my best not to make things rather archaic than normal. My case today evolves around " system creation". This cud be a lil bit tedious but i tell u because someone in this world dont have his own system i'm suffering from a bad romance hangover. Oh cmon like seriously how do u make ursev contactable if u off the country for quite sometimes or atleast alternatives??????this will eventually make me feel, what makes it different if my past offer me the same thing. Its just a horrible experience that i dun wish to live with. Because the past have the worst system and hence im not wishing present offer me the same. I might as well just go back to the old genre of me. Wasted, mostly time drained, neve a convincing life. So create your system and dont let others sacrifice the least thing that she ever wanna live with. Be something by offering something different. Chao

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