Saturday, January 10, 2009

New housemate and incredibly fanatically insane

Felt like life is easier with people around,diz new year I got new housemate merangkap angkatan tentera bunga raya rejimen 20. Lame aint it??kindda starts diz year a bit dull and somehow goofy. Anyway fun is around diz few days, Chikari yang telah berjaya beli her brand new sony mp4,madly macho design..

Timoon getting weirdly obsessed wif her downloading fever. Korean drama wif yellow pages number. So cramp in front of her notebook. Facing you tube day n nite..alahai..alahai..

Mimiey get used of internet successfully. Totally goin under her creative vision. She’s busy checkin on the new software..umm..after navigator,she got map of da world,picassa..naaa..efficient search..currently she’s up to the theme stuff..

Ida aren’t excepted from her insanity of blogs,she was doin crime in internet,,haha, I like her post even its quite jeering me,,oh no..she stand perasan the whole day,, her..huhu

Aleng get into some sort of video game,,sound bombastic.but she had craziness at diz thumblebug..oh my,,she stared at the notebook the whole day. Dier tlah bergabung with me mengalahkan AHLI SIHIR IDA…

Way to go girl..

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