Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prosperity..and beyond..

This2009 will be the time to get rid of the past

To fix what had I think scratch of my behavior

What I consider as lame and intoxicant

Those facts that freak me like crazy the whole past year

It has to be something new be brought in

I wanna a wonderful new year

Without hesitate my day life

Regretting my pointer that not reach the dean list

Being insulted mentally

Didn’t has to be in love with someone that don’t love you

Don’t have to sit alone and think why he don’t like me

Crying with lots and lots of tears without knowing the reason

Feel hurtful inside while my brain said its nothing

Don’t have to pretend I am cool

Let all the pain gone with this twelve midnight bell

I just wanna all the thinking that blocked my dummy brain slip away

It come out into a long decipher

I wish I think about future more and more

Beat those guys that think I’m a looser

While I’m not people!!!

Stop chasing something that’s not real

Loving the songs that I hate

Get the first class degree

No sweats!!!!i really freakin wish it

Praying that I can continue to my dream …the biggest one

California, Berkeley

Significantly I wanna appreciate people more

I don’t wanna make people that love me suffer like I do

I never tell them mean words

I listen to them

But never giving hope that being too much

I’m going to learn being a lil selfish

Trying hard on my dream

Working really a lot for my coming exam

Live my life in my own way

I’m not cheap and desperately friendly

Set into my brain that those mushy love song isn’t a crime

Dare to change

Being nice to people

No more revenge, vengeneance and wrath

Or even a creep dismay because of a boy

Keep my friendship still

I’m just 20 and it still early for that mushy corny relationship

I wish for my better life

Prosper for the coming year

Victory over everything

Looking forward the glory

Me the best and the greatest ever

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